Mijas is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia southern Spain. It is situated in the southwestern coast of Spain. Mijas belongs to the comarca of Costa del Sol Occidental. It is a typically Andalusian white-washed village located at a mountain side about 450 m above mean sea level, in the heart of the Costa del Sol region. There are some local history museums and many souvenir shops, Mijas also has seven golf courses (four more are under construction) including La Cala Resort, the biggest golf resort in Spain.

The municipality includes:

  • Mijas Pueblo (the hillside village)
  • Mijas Costa (main commercial and residential area adjacent to (but not strictly part of) Fuengirola
  • La Cala de Mijas (separate village and small resort by the sea to the west)
  • Las Lagunas (largely suburban and mixed commercial to the north of Fuengirola).

Economy is mostly based on tourism. Agricultural produces include potatoes, cereals and avocado.


The Climate of Mijas, due to the proximity of the sea, conditions mild temperatures, with an average of 18 °C without heat in summer and little frost in winter. The rainfall is below 600ml per year. They occur mainly between November and January. The town boasts some 2920 hours of sunshine a year

Ascending to the mountains, the climate changes gradually. Temperatures can drop to 10 °C. In the peaks may be some ice in winter, over 600 meters, while precipitation increases to almost 800ml.


La Cala: city beach is a medium grain black sand and some rocky area and a high occupancy rate. It measures 1.6 km in length and in her blue flag. It is a beach with a lively nightlife during the weekends and the scene of several music events verano.25

Cabo Rocoso: dark sandy medium grain and moderate swell. It is a semi-urban beach with a low occupancy rate and about 100 m in length. You can windsurf, sail and submarinismo.25

Calahonda: beach of golden sand with calm waters. It is a semi-urban beach with a high occupation Grando and about 4.5 km in length. It can dive and fishing.

El Bombo: semi-urban beach of dark sand next to a cliff, making it ideal for diving. Is 1.1 km in length and occupancy alto.

El Chaparral: semiurban with rocks and moderate swell. It has an average occupancy level and 4.4 km in length. Possibility of windsurfing, sailing and diving.

El Faro: rocky enclave with multiple sandy coves. It is practiced spear fishing and angling. Has 1.4 km in length and occupancy bajo.

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